Governor Livingston Highlander Band
A Proud Tradition!

The 2020 Fall Program is now available.  In the Members Only/Programs section.

Thank you for your recent support at the Chipotle Fundraiser!  Our next Fundraiser will be held at

Panera, 977 Valley Road, Gillette on Wednesday, January 13th from 4pm-8pm.  Show the flyer below

Panera-fundraiser picture

** There are 2 open positions on the Executive Board this Fall:   Publicity Manager and Reds/Blacks Coordinator.   Natalie Schickel (njschick@mac.com) and Michael Tomich (tomich6@comcast.net) are the nomination committee so if you are interested in these positions please reach out to them !

2019 Acc's 2nd place

Congratulations to the Highlander Marching Band for their “2nd Place Finish” out of 17 bands at the Group II Open Atlantic Coast Championship in Hershey, PA! The band achieved a school-record high score of 97.70. Earlier in the season, the band also achieved “1st Place Finishes” in Group II Open at the TOB New Jersey “States” Championship and the TOB Region 10 Championship.

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