Basket Raffle



Hello Highlander Band Families

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – again! The GLBPO will be putting on a great night at our Annual Highlander Band Basket Raffle. The raffle is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for us and very popular in the community. Last year, we had over 200 baskets for people to bid on! Like the Pageant and Candy Sale – this is an “All Hands On Deck” event, meaning we need assistance from every band family.

The event will take place Saturday, April 28 at Governor Livingston. Festivities start at 6:30pm.



Below is the link to sign up to request basket items from our local businesses. We ask all band families to solicit donations which will be raffled off to event attendees. You’ll likely get a gift card or donated item. We’ll take anything and everything and find a way to display it in such a way that our guests will be excited to bid on that item. You may sign up for as many businesses as you like, but please choose at least three. This list includes businesses that have been very generous to the band in the past and expect us to come calling this time of year to request donations. It’s a much easier job than you’d expect because our community loves the Highlander Band and is happy to support us.

Please only approach businesses that you’ve signed up for because we don’t want to sour our relationship with a business by having more than one person requesting donations. Also, please reach out to all businesses that you sign up for, otherwise it’s a missed donation opportunity for the band. See above link for donation letter to give to businesses.

If you would like to approach a business not on the list, please check with Lidia Henriques first – our “List Master.” There may be a good reason why that company is not on the list. Lidia can be reached at

Sign up for businesses here:


All families should donate a family basket. Ideally, it would have some sort of theme and be worth a minimum of $25. However, if you prefer, you can donate new items that the wrapping crew can consolidate into a nice basket. Please add a description of your basket in the comments section of the signup.

If you work for a business (or know someone that does) that will make a corporate donation, please reach out to them. The GLBPO is a registered 501c3 charitable corporation, donations are tax deductible.

Electronics and tickets to games/events are very popular items. Bigger ticket items are what will draw “tricky tray” followers to our event rather than one of the multitude of other similar events taking place. If you’d like to get together with other families to donate a bigger ticket item, please feel free to do so. New items only please.

If you are interested in going in on a more exclusive basket with another family, please contact Jill Cook at

Sign up for your family donation here:


Section baskets are organized by Section Leaders (who are we kidding – usually their parents!). They are typically higher in value – depending on the size of the section – and created from donations from each of the section’s members. They can be a themed basket and/or a gift card from a local establishment.


Not surprisingly – we need baskets! Lots and lots of baskets.  An unbelievable number of baskets. All shapes and sizes are needed and welcomed! They can also be attractive boxes or any kind of item that will hold an assortment of items to display. In addition, we need peanuts, bubble wrap, items for packaging the baskets.

Please note that ALL donations (business donations, family baskets, section baskets, etc) should be dropped off at Angela Barbieri’s house (91 Lenape Lane, BH) by APRIL 15.

See below for more information regarding Basket Drop Off and Wrapping.


Each family will receive tickets to sell to the Basket Raffle. This is one of the most important things band families can do to help the event’s success. The more people that attend the Raffle, the more raffle tickets they buy, the more money we make. We’d love to have a great turnout for the event, please sell to your friends, families and neighbors! More info will follow about tickets.


Each family will be asked to bake/buy desserts and/or fruit to bring to the event. More info will follow about food donations.


We’ll need help wrapping, transporting, selling tickets, setting up, cleaning up, serving food – there are many ways to get involved before, during and after the event. More info to follow about volunteer tasks and shifts.

Thanks so much to all of you, grateful for your efforts. Stay tuned for more information, but in the meantime please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Kristin Osborn
text/call 818 644-1744

Each year, there are close to 200 baskets that need to be wrapped. Please see the Sign Up Genius below for Basket Wrapping Volunteer Sign Up.
All wrapping will take place at Angela Barbieri’s house — 91 Lenape Ln, BH.
Please note that ALL donations (business donations, family baskets, section baskets, etc) should be dropped off at Angela Barbieri’s house (91 Lenape Lane, BH) by APRIL 15.
She is accepting donations at her home and will have storage bins on her front porch in case she is out. Please text her at 908 342-4288 to let her know if you have placed something in the bins so she knows to retrieve them quickly. Feel free to text her beforehand if you would like to arrange a specific time with her to ensure that she will be home when you stop by.
Also, it would be helpful if you could include estimated values of items (if known).
As mentioned previously, we are in need of any materials you may have that we can use when wrapping (baskets, boxes, stuffing, peanuts, etc).  Those items can be dropped off at Angela’s house as well.

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