2022 Pageant of Champions

Here we go! The Governor Livingston Highlander Band 50th Pageant of Champions is almost here.  October 16th is the date!


We need donations and bodies! Please review the Sign Up sheet and help out where you can!

PAGEANT CHECKLIST     Something that parents (especially new) may find helpful in navigating the wonderful chaos of Pageant. Totally up to you if you want to use it or not.

2019 Pageant Program – for review of ads and see formatting

2019 Pageant Details for Band Members:

Sunday (GLHS Band Pageant TOB Competition)

Example of student schedule:

Student Report Time to Band Room: 9 AM in Warm Civilian Clothes/Band Blacks (Rehearse and Prepare)
Student Report Time at Frey Football Field: 9:30 AM (or earlier) in Warm Civilian Clothes/Band Blacks (Rehearse and Prepare)
Finish Rehearsing: 11:30 AM (Students Have Free Time)
Student Report Time at Band Room: 2:15 PM (Change, Prepare, and Rehearse)
Field Show Performance Judged Exhibition: 4:45 PM
Awards Ceremony: Approximately 5:15 PM
Uniforms Used:
Musicians: Kilt Uniform (w/ Sash),
Color Guard: Field Show Uniform
Items Needed: All Band Blacks, Shoes, Socks, Accessories, and Warm Civilian Clothes
Sunday Food

Students will be provided with one meal ticket at 11:30 AM that will entitle them to one meal from the Snack Shack that they should use before reporting to the Band Room at 2:15 PM.  Students may bring additional food or money to purchase additional food from the Snack Shack.

Sunday Parking

Students who drive AND parents should either carpool to GLHS or park down at the old missile site.  To get there, you need to use the driveway that leads to the field, go behind the home stands, and keep driving as far back as you are able.

Pit Equipment

The pit equipment will be kept on the truck overnight at GLHS Saturday.  Sunday morning, it will be driven down to Frey Field for unloading (and the truck will be returned at this point.)  The pit equipment will be shuttled back-up to the Band Room by way of the golf cart and rolling carts after 11:30 AM for the outside rehearsal at the Band Room at approximately 2:15 PM.  The pit equipment will then be shuttled back down to Frey Field at 4:15 PM for the Field Show Performance Judged Exhibition.

After the Show on Sunday

All students and parents are expected to help clean-up and stow everything away after the Pageant.  Students and parents should expect to be on hand until at least 7 PM.  Students and parents may also be asked to eat any remaining food at this point.

Pageant Details for Grownups:

If you can, please come to GL on Saturday to help set up the snack shack in preparation for Sunday.  Prepping the snack shack starts at/after the football half time at the cafeteria and finishes up after the football game.  It doesn’t take very long if we have several people to help.  There’s a spot to sign up for that job on the SUG page.

Please plan on arriving with your children at 9am on Sunday and parking way down beyond the football field back at the old missile silo location.  To get there:

  1. Drive your car to GL and arrive by 9am (carpooling is a great idea!)
  2. Drop off your child/children at the Band room
  3. Drop off your VIP food at the cafeteria
  4. Drive down to the snack shack and drop off your chili or mac & cheese (not frozen and in a disposable container please) and water/soda
  5. Make a stop at the sweets table (near the bleachers) and drop off your individually wrapped and ready to sell baked goods
  6. Then drive down the road behind the bleachers as far as you can and park your car along the side of the road where space is available.  You may want to turn your car so it’s facing in the right direction when it’s time to head home after Pageant clean up
  7. Stop at the candygram/flowergram table to purchase anything you’d like for members of the Band (since you might not have time to do it later).

Note, there will be no car parking directly at the school for Band parents except down that road behind the bleachers.  If you don’t arrive quite early, you’ll have a difficult time finding a place to leave your car close to the school since the BH police will be putting up special no parking signage close to the school.  Please let any family members coming to the event to park at Nokia and to leave plenty of time ahead of the GL performance to take the shuttle bus from Nokia to GL.

Pageant set up will begin at 9am.  Pageant clean up will begin right after the awards ceremony and will finish very quickly if everyone is there to help.  Your kids will go back to the Band room after their performance to turn in their uniforms et al and then will head to the cafeteria to eat whatever food is leftover.  You’re welcome to join them there and then take them home from the cafeteria.  The plan is to be 100% done by 7pm.

Thanks so much to everyone for all of the hard work already put into making this Pageant terrific.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday for a fantastic day.

Ahead of the event:

Please sign up to sell ads to local businesses that will be placed in our Pageant Program http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d49a8ac2ea4fb6-pageant1?1471729888455  You can now sign up for additional businesses if you’d like.  each business ad you can obtain, you’ll receive 25% of the value of the ad for student credits.  Business sponsorships are due by October 4th.

Please consider buying a family ad for the Pageant program.  These are ads from family members to their students in the Band.  They can include text, pictures or graphics.  They are $25 for a 1/4 page, $50 for a 1/2 page and $100 for a full page.  Family ads earn you 50% of their value back in student credits.  Also, if you’re family owns a business and would like to advertise, those ads also earn 50% in student credits.  More information to follow but please be aware that these ads are also due by October 4th.

Food/Drink Donations:

  • Each family will be asked to make Highlander Chili or Highlander Mac & Cheese (using our recipes for consistency throughout the event)
  • Each family will be asked to make something sweet – baked goods that are individually wrapped and ready to sell for $1 each – about two dozen of whatever you’d like
  • Each family will be asked to donate a case of soda or water
  • Each family will be asked to make something yummy to eat for the VIP room
  • Other Items:
    If you have any canopies, we’d love to borrow them for the day

A typical day for a Band Parent/Guardian at Pageant:

On the day of the Pageant, Mr. O will ask that the kids get there at 9:00AM.  We’ll be asking all parents and guardians to arrive at the same time (9:00AM) and be ready to go.  Please note – BOTH/ALL parents and guardians should be volunteering for this event.  We need everyone to make it work.

You’ll drop off your food/beverage items at that time at the VIP room, Snack Shack and baked good table.

All parents are needed to begin setting up the different areas of the Pageant beginning early in the morning:

  • tables and canopies to set up
  • the snack shack needs to be stocked
  • baked goods/flowergrams/candygrams/novelties must be set out to sell
  • parking and security areas must be designated and set up
  • signage is put up for parking, prices, menus – etc. etc. etc.

Many hands make light work!

The Pageant will begin at 11:45AM so we need to have everything in place and everyone at their jobs for the day ready to go.  You can expect that you’ll be volunteering for whatever job you signed up for during the entire day.
GL will perform at 4:30PM and all Band parents will be able to watch.  Typically, alumni parents will step into your jobs during their performance.

When the Pageant is over, we need to clean up the field and other Pageant areas.  We typically have a feast of any food items that may be left over in the cafeteria when we’re all cleaned up.

Thank you so much – in advance – for all you’ll do to make this event a huge success and help us raise lots and lots of money!