Why Join? A Parents’ Perspective

When the Highlander Marching Band performs at band competitions, football games and parades, you witness the sights and sounds of a polished show, but off the field you will notice your child’s increased self-esteem, motivation and social interaction. Mastery of music at a high level, marching, field choreography or playing in the pit, all benefit the student’s intellect, memory, concentration and sensory awareness. Through deliberate practice, students learn how to succeed today and lifelong. There’s a premium on student imagination, thinking, emotion, expression and communication, as well as mental and physical discipline. This artistic team effort prepares students to embrace the challenges of life… and to enjoy the journey.

In the Highlander Band, every student participates. It is truly a team effort. The hours of preparation, planning, rehearsing, and performing culminate in championship competitions. You will be amazed by the presence, discipline and commitment of the musicians and color guard. The Highlander Spirit and the pursuit of excellence persist well beyond the last competition.

The Highlander Band is:

  • A strong community steeped in tradition with a passion to learn, grow and perform
  • A Varsity lettered team with a formidable record of championship
  • Chosen by many seniors as their theme for college application essays
  • A factor in college acceptance and scholarships
  • Recognized for their achievement with a reputation that precedes them!

Questions: Mr. O’Sullivan – nosullivan@bhpsnj.org

What the Students Say:

Why Join Band