The bagpipe is one of the instruments contributing to our Highlander Band’s distinctive sound and has become a band trademark. It is of ancient origin; sculptures of it appear in Egyptian carvings that date from 1500 B.C.E. No doubt, its ancestor was the simple cane pipe to which a bag was added to enable the player to produce continuous music.


The Highland bagpipe was originally a solo instrument, and every clan chief had his own hereditary piper. The Highland military regiments popularized it as a band instrument. Our Highlanders combine the uniqueness and beauty of bagpipe music with music from horns, woodwinds and drums.

DSC_0008  (1)

The Highlander Marching Band bagpipe corps leads the band onto the field in competition and performs as an independent ensemble at concerts.


One response to “Bagpipes

  1. Susan Fulshaw Bays

    As I get ready to attend my 50th high school reunion and as a member of the first pipe band at Governor Livingston, it is wonderful to see the tradition has continued. Susan Fulshaw Bays


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